2018 Harvesting Report

Article by Mark Miller

Yes, the orange machine plying the waters of Lake Bomoseen

this summer was the association’s new harvester!

The LBA partnered with Casella Construction Inc. (CCI) to run

the harvester, which operated south of Grady Bridge. The

Friends Up north group continued to manage harvests north of

the bridge.

Although our permit allows us to begin harvesting as early as

June 30th, equipment delays drove an August 7th start. Next

year’s harvest will start in June, or as soon as the milfoil nears

the lake surface.

Still, we were able to harvest for a total of 30 days and by the

end of the season we had removed just over 535 cubic yards of

milfoil from the lake; harvested milfoil was delivered to local

farms for use as fertilizer. A total of 74 members’ properties


2019 Membership

The 2019 Membership Packet

will be sent out in late January.

Included in the packet will be a

survey that we would like you

to fill out. This will really help

us in finding out what our

membership expects from the

board of directors.

Tree Lighting

The annual holiday tree

lighting will be on December

12 at the Castleton Free Library

at 6:00 pm. There will plenty

of joy and cheer to spread

around that day.


The LBA is working on

updating our ways of

communicate\ing with you.

We will be upgrading our

website and reevaluating our

Facebook page. We also hope

to add an Instagram and

Pinterest account.Look for

more information in our

January newsletter.



LBA NEWS November 21, 2018

were cut, and we finished the season on September 27th. We

greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this

first year of operation.

As we indicated at the annual meeting in June, we expected

this year to be a “learning year," and it was. There are a number

of things we will be working on in the off season, including:

minimizing the churning up of mud when cutting in shallow

water, determining the best way to effectively cut close to the

shoreline (cutting perpendicular to the shore proved

ineffective), defining a better way to demark the start and end

of property lines, ensuring enough overlap when cutting to

prevent uncut sections of milfoil.

At the annual meeting we also stressed the need for safety and

are happy to report that no one was injured, and no boats/docks

damaged during the harvesting operation.

Early next year, we will provide you with a draft of the plans to

improve operations year and ask for your comments and input.

If you have any suggestions in the interim, please email us at


We hope to offset next year’s costs through state/local grants or

funding. If anyone has experience in writing grants and can

assist, we would appreciate your help.

Finally, special thanks to the Water Quality Committee and

CCI for getting us on the water this year!