Proposed Bylaw Change

Proposed Changes to Lake Bomoseen Association Bylaws

Drafte 10/19/2018

Purpose:  To revise Section 5 regarding Treasurer’s report at the Annual Membership Meeting so that instead of presenting a proposed  operating budget for next calendar year, the Treasurer shall review the current operating budget approved by the Board of Directors in January of the current year and any known projected issues concerning the operating budget for the next calendar year.  This change is made necessary to finalize the switch from a fiscal year to a calendar year operation.  The proposed  change is below.

Section 5.  Meetings of the Membership of Lake Bomoseen Association

There shall be an annual meeting of the LBA open to all current members and held each calendar year between June 15th and August 15 at a location designated by the Board of Directors.  Notice of this meeting shall be given at least ten (10) working days prior to the date of the annual meeting.  At this meeting, the Board of Directors shall report on the business of the LBA since the last annual meeting.  Included in this report  on the financial matters of the LBA,  review the current calendar year operating budget passed by the Board of Directors   in January of the current year and discuss any knonw or projected budget issues for the next calendar year.

If you have anyn comments on this bylaw change, please email Bob Franzoni at