Frequently Asked Questions about the Lake Bomoseen Association

  1. What is the LBA? I heard it was a social club for property owners.

    The association’s main purpose is to protect, preserve, and promote Lake Bomoseen. We want to enjoy a healthy lake now and secure a pristine lake for future generations.

    For example, we are engaged in harvesting, which will help control invasive milfoil, and we have a “greeter” program to educate boaters and prevent the movement of invasive species in and out of the lake.

    We also organize social events throughout the season, many of which are open to the wider community, which allow people to get to know their neighbors and have fun.

  2. Why should I join the LBA?

    The Lake Bomoseen Association works with local and state entities, serving as an aggregate voice of the property owners and lake users. The more members we have, the stronger our voice is. This is especially important when it comes to lobbying and applying for external funding. And by joining and participating, you ensure that your opinions and concerns are heard.

    On a personal level, taking an active roll in protecting, preserving, and promoting the lake ensures that the lake will be pristine in the future. If you own lake property, supporting the Lake Association is an investment in your investment!

    Monies raised from membership dues go to toward harvesting costs, events, prizes for competitions, donations to local community events, special projects, and other needs.

  3. Are there any tangible perks?

    Yes! If you join as a full member ($75), you get a decal and a perk card that offers discounts at local businesses. You also gain access to the harvesting program (an additional cost). We encourage all lake property owners to join as full members.

    If you are unable to join as a full member, you can join as a friend ($40). Friends get a decal.

    While most of our events are open to the public, there are occasionally members-only events.

  4. How does harvesting work?

    See the “Harvesting” section of the website, or email

  5. Who is in the LBA? What if I’m not a lake property owner, don’t have a boat, only live here seasonally…

    The majority of the LBA members are lake property owners, both seasonal and year-round. We also welcome other lake users and Bomoseen-lovers to join as members or friends. The more people we have, the stronger our voice is and the more fun our events are!

    Many of our members are retired, though we have individuals, couples and families. The LBA is looking to increase membership numbers at all ages.

    (And no, you don’t have to own a boat)

  6. When should I join?

    Membership runs from January to December (calendar year). We encourage you to join as early in the year as possible, but you can join at any time. If you are seasonal, consider renewing your membership for the next year before you leave for the winter. Then you’ll be sure not to miss anything.

  7. What if I’m not sure if I want to join?

    We encourage you to come to one of our open socials or our June annual meeting. Read about us on our website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram. If you have a specific question, you are welcome to email the LBA.